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With Long Life God Will Satisfy You! - Psalm 91:16


Acupuncture Wellness

Effective Acupuncture Treatments and Herbal Consultations

LONG LIFE MINISTRIES INC. in Springfield, Missouri, runs an acupuncture clinic that provides acupuncture treatments and herbal consultations at NO charge. We minister the Word of GOD and prayer in all of our treatments.

We believe the spiritual aspect of healing is more important than the natural. GOD has blessed us greatly with many things naturally for our health and wellness, but those natural blessings were never to replace GOD’s supernatural healing presence. Come and receive GOD's healing goodness by His presence during our acupuncture treatments and GOD's blessings through our herbal remedies.

Heartwarming Support

At LONG LIFE MINISTRIES INC., we operate by love to efficiently provide ministry in health care services. Your benevolent contributions will help us offer effective healing through acupuncture and herbs. Sown into good ground, your seeds of support will be surely used to teach the word of God with unwavering love and faith.

Consulting GOD

We focus on a purpose-driven life by consulting GOD with all our business decisions. He is in the forefront of our minds as we do His work every day. We are a giving ministry sowing into local organizations and wherever else the Lord may lead us. Contact Long Life Ministries in Springfield, MO, at (417) 595-2052 and take advantage of our healing acupuncture treatments and herbal remedies.

Bird Soaring

"The Sun of Righteousness will rise with
healing in his wings." -Malachi 4:2